Newfoundland – Day 23 Meteghan River NS to St John NB


Another day of sun!! Beautiful today!

We went back to a few spots we missed yesterday because of the fog.

First stop was the lighthouse at Cape St Mary



Second stop was Mavilette Beach. Tide was out so beach area was huge.


Third stop was Smugglers Cove. You can see the cave where the rum runners hid their stuff!! We had to climb back up 103 stairs. We chatted with a couple of young fellows. The one asked if we were on the ferry to Newfoundland with the man playing music – we said yes. He said that’s my father!!




Next stop was the information centre in Church Point. They had a museum of the Acadians. Very informative.

We walked over to this beautiful church. The tallest wooden church in North America. Absolutely stunning!!




IMG_1188.JPGA woman from the church pointed out a painting in the ceiling. First pic is what you are supposed to see and from another angle is what you see!! Crazy!!



Up the road was another beautiful church.



Picture of Digby Neck – part of the Appalachian Mountains.


It took us 5 hours to drive 70 km. There was so much to see on the way.

We finally arrived in Digby. Stopped at the information centre!! Surprise! Surprise!! So helpful.

We took a walk on the boardwalk. What a beautiful place!!



We had lunch at the Fundy Restaurant. Sat on the deck. Mac had fish burger and fries and I had fried scallops and fries. So good!!! We asked a young girl next to us to take a pic of us. She was with her grandma. It’s such a small world. When we were waiting for the ferry a couple got in line with their spiders – remember me explaining those Elaine??? We chatted. When we got on the ferry the couple was with this young girl and the grandma. It was their daughter and mother. Isn’t that the strangest thing!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!



We had a 2 hour ferry ride to St John NB. Chatted with a few people. We couldn’t take any pics – both of our phones died!!!

We headed to our hotel. The ferry company booked our room- good deal. We are in a Travelodge. We have another suite. No jacuzzi or fireplace but very nice and very reasonable!!!



We headed to Sobeys to pick up something to eat. Sandwich, veggies and fruit!! Was yummy!!

Well off to bed!! Long day even though we didn’t put many miles on!! Off to Levis Quebec tomorrow.
On our way home!!!

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