Newfoundland – Day 25 Levis Quebec to Ottawa Ontario

Another beautiful sunny and warmday. Big fluffy clouds in the sky – I could see a poodle, a rabbit,Santa Claus, lots of things!! I don’t have to watch the road – I can look all around!

No pics today. It was a travel Day. 

Mac decided to go through Montreal. He said just another pavement!! Not my choice! Traffic was moving so slow. We went through the tunnel under the St Lawrence Seaway. It was hot and you could smell all the fumes. Was sure glad to get out of there!!

The road in Quebec was so bumpy and rough. Not nice!!

We stopped for a quick bite just passed Montreal. 

We arrived in Ottawa. Checked into the Comfort Inn. Went for dinner at Milestones. Had our favourite Bellini and chicken club! 

Uneventful day!!  

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