Newfoundland – Day 24 St John NB to Levis Quebec

Very cool riding today. High of 15 maybe!  We stopped twice 2 put on extra clothes!!

Countryside is just like home – trees, hills, moose!!  We didn’t see any tho thankfully!!! At least they have fencing along the tree line. Wonder why we don’t have fencing in northwestern Ontario??

We stopped in Edmunsden NB for lunch. Had to have our final lobster roll!!  Was so yummy!!!

Tine change today also so finally back on our time!  Rode for 7 hours today – made for a long day!!

However it didn’t stop us from venturing to Old Quebec City for the evening!  We stayed in Levis And took the ferry across!


Picture of the St Lawrence with the mountains in the background.  One side is farming and the other is mountain.  Very beautiful!!


You can see Old Quebec City – so beautiful!


Check out these streets!


If you look in the last picture you can see the ride up to the next level.  This picture is taken from there!  Mac took it I wasn’t looking anywhere  – it was all glass!!!


Chateau Frintenac is stunning!!




View from Plains of Abraham.


Plains of Abraham.  Pic of me after climbing 335 steps on the promenade and back down again and then up here!  I was done!!



Walking around the streets.  I wouldn’t want to drive here.  Narrow streets and tons of hills!



The best part was dinner!!  So fun!!  Menus are outside at every restaurant and there must be a million restaurants!!! We stopped to read this menu and the owner is outside trying to bring people in to his restaurant.  He succeeded!  Started the conversation with oh you’re a biker!! So of course Mac was engaged in the conversation.  Then he said to Mac so nice of you to have a father daughter night out!!  He was Macs type of guy – a joker!!  In we went!  You are packed in like sardines!  Table after table!! A guy was playing the accordion and another was singing .  Trust us to pick an Italian restaurant in a French City!!  Lol!!!  That guy did a great job of packing people in!  We had the all inclusive – soup, entree, dessert.  Mac had beef tenderloin and I had veal.  Strawberry shortcake for dessert!  All amazing!!  And of course a few glasses of wine!!  The man from the door took our picture. He was 82!  Like Mac didn’t look his age!  He kept stopping by – he was fun!!





Buskers were everywhere!  We listened to this one for awhile.  Sang and we all danced!!


Back to the ferry!!




Another great day!!  Another place we have to come back to!  So amazing!!!

We are so dead!!!  Time for bed!!

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