Newfoundland – Day 26 Ottawa to Barrie

Another sunny beautiful day for riding!  

We travelled on highway 7 – my type of road – country – then 407 to the 400. Mac told me to take the printout of directions from his pocket while we are flying down the road. I thought to myself if I lose this paper we are screwed!!  We are on the back roads!  I got that paper and hung onto it so tight!  Then I had to relay the way to Mac!!  We did it!  We found our way to the 407 – the toll road that starts at Oshawa!! I am a great navigator!!!  I really don’t like the fast speed on the bike on these major highways!  Take me back to the country roads!!!

We spent the evening having dinner with friends in Barrie. Thanks Taryl, Ken and Ella for your hospitality. 

We are staying at the Fairfield Inn – very nice place!!

We decided to take hwy 17 – Mac may have been swayed to go this way  because Ken told him about the new Harley shop in Sudbury!!!!!

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