Newfoundland – Day 21 Halifax NS to Liverpool NS

Another awesome day!! Weather was beautiful!!! Ride was great!!

We headed to Peggy’s Cove but first stopped at the Swiss Air Flight 111 Memorial.




IMG_0978.JPGWe got a boast card taken at Peggy’s Cove – just like we did last time. We were here over 10 years ago with Mom, Melanie and Katie. It was the last trip we took my mom on!! Stirred up lots of good memories!!!




We took pictures in Mahone Bay. The trees have sure grown up – they are covering some of the 3 churches!!



We stopped in Lunenburg! The parking lot at the waterfront was full but a bus driver and another guy told us to go around the arm and park by the other bike. So we did!!! The older guy who owned the bike came by. He works at the museum there. We chatted for a bit and he told us how to get out as well !!! He also told us about a great restaurant the locals go to instead of the high priced ones on the waterfront. We took a walk up there and the food was great!!!


We took a few pictures of the waterfront.




We continued our way on the coastal highways all the way to Liverpool. What a gorgeous day for such a scenic drive!! We passed beaches, rode windy roads, tree covered roads. It was awesome!!

The young woman at the information centre told us to take the ferry across one of the bays. We arrived just in time to drive on the ferry. It took about 7 minutes to cross!



We are staying in Liverpool at the Best Western. Not much choice in some of these small communities.

The downtown area was about a 15 minute walk.

Check out their fire hydrants!


We stopped at the first restaurant that was suggested and were told we needed reservations so on to the next. It was a pizzaria. Mac had wings and I had pizza. And of course beer and wine!! It was all good!!

We walked back in the dark and off to bed we go!!  All the fresh air makes us so tired!!!


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